Heavy fight between Navid Mohammadzadeh and Hasti Mahdavifar in a public place        

This article is specifically about a special sequence from the fourth episode of the "Actor" series, whose games have been highly regarded.

Highlights: Actor is Nima Javidi's first serialization experience. Javidi has already made 2 movies; "Melbourne" and "Redskin". Now he went on to make a series in which the lead role was assigned to Navid Mohammadzadeh, so that this would be the second joint collaboration of this actor and director after Srekhpoost.

The story of the series is about the ups and downs of a few talented theater actors, who after an offer to them, their lives undergo complicated adventures. These young people are forced to get involved in the chaos of the society and the various problems they are dealing with.

Navid Mohammadzadeh, as one of the main characters of this series, has the second experience of acting in the series after playing in the Frog series. Ahmed Mehranfar is also his partner in this series. Javidi's first film called Melbourne is a social story that was made with the presence of Peyman Maadi and Negar Javaherian. Javidi's second work is one of the most popular socio-historical works of Iranian cinema; Sarkhpoost is one of the most popular Iranian films in the 90s. Majid Melabi, who had a history of working together with Javidi in the production of the successful movie Srekhpootus, this time also produced the actor series as a producer.


In the actor series, Javidi has gone for an intersected narrative, and in each episode, he is supposed to have different surprises for the audience, which can be postponed to the following weeks by deciphering the mysteries of each episode.

From the first episode of this series, we have seen the two characters Ali and Morteza as actors with different makeups in strange situations. This time, with the addition of Hasti Mahdavifar in the role of an actress named Alma, we see them with new make-ups in their three-person game situation as an addict and a bartender in the doctor's office. They show something different from themselves. See this sequence below

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In the middle of the doctor's office, Ali and Alma play the role of two glass addicts to draw the doctor's secretary's attention to a discussion about selling glass at half price. With baggy clothes and colorful eyes, Ali reveals himself as an addict as soon as he enters the office. He speaks loudly and repeats the same sentence over and over. Sometimes he gets lost in the middle of what he is saying and sometimes he has long pauses. He constantly drinks water and blinks his eyelids. The location of the doctor's office does not matter to him at all and he does not think about anything but his goal.

Next to him is Alma, who enters the office with the make-up of an addicted girl. His face is yellow and his eyes are sunken. He utters the sentences with a stretch and constantly drinks water and has no qualms about saying bad and wrong things. For this reason, the dialogue between him and Ali is very interesting.


We have seen Navid Mohammadzadeh before in "Ebdo Yek Roz" with the role of an addict, but this time the situation is completely different. From the beginning, we know that he is not an addict and that he is an actor who took money to win a girl's hand and now he is immersed in the role of a glass addict. However, this role is very believable.

This series had its own audience in the first episodes. Now, it seems that gradually as the story's appeal increases, it brings more audiences with it.

What do users think?

Reza: Navid Mohammadzadeh is bad at all, but look at the actor...

Artan: Hasti Mahdavifar played the role of an addict in such a way that Navid should learn from him

Negin: The actor is only with Navid Mohammadzadeh, who is an actor

Masih: Hasti Mahdavifar is an actor even ahead of Navid Mohammadzadeh; must see

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