See: Robot dogs controlled by soldiers with minds        

The Australian Army is working on a new project that will allow soldiers to control robotic dogs on the battlefield through their minds.

Zoomit: The Australian military is testing a new AI capability that will apparently allow soldiers to control robotic dogs through their minds. The system in question, which is called robotic brain interface , analyzes brain waves through a special headset and sends them from the human visual cortex to the robotic dog.

Sergeant Damien Robinson told the New York Post: "It's not difficult to learn how to operate a headset. The process is very intuitive and only took a few sessions." Robinson says the headset used by the Australian military is based on Microsoft's HoloLens platform.

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Sergeant Robinson and other soldiers conducted a training course with the headset in question and the robotic dogs. They were able to move successfully in rough terrain and bad weather and in battlefield conditions. The main solution to keep the robots on track is to use flashing lights. Robotic dogs identify these points through augmented reality technology and go towards them.

"You don't have to think about anything in particular to work with the robot," Robinson says, "but you have to focus on your target." "This process is more like visual focus."

The technology in question, which was developed with a budget of 1.2 million dollars by the Australian Army, has been under construction for three years. In addition to the military, the University of Technology Sydney also played a role in the development of this headset.

The headset works with a very small piece of graphene. The Australian military says it has combined graphene with the best of the chip industry to make biosensors.

The robotic dog used by the Australian Army, developed by Ghost Robotics, recognizes 9 different commands.

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