What happened in the plane of Ali Daei        

Ali Daei gave an explanation about the incomplete flight of his wife and daughter to Dubai. According to Isna, according to what has been reported in some media, the flight of Mahan Airlines left Tehran for Dubai this morning, but this flight landed in Kish after an hour and the security agents took Ali Dai's daughter and husband off the plane. 

After this issue, it was rumored that Ali Daei's wife and daughter were arrested, which was denied by Daei. In an interview with ISNA, Ali Daei stated about this issue: Today, my wife and daughter boarded a plane from Imam Khomeini Airport completely legally to go to Dubai, but the plane of Mahan Company was returned from Dubai and landed in Kish, and my daughter and wife were taken from They took off but were not arrested.

 I am still following their work to return from Kish to Tehran. He added: After they took my daughter and wife off the plane, an hour later they said that your daughter can leave, and when my daughter wanted to leave, they said that the doors of the plane were closed and she could not leave either.

In response to the question whether his wife and daughter were banned from leaving, he said: If they were banned, the police system should have shown their passports. No one has given me an answer about this.

I really don't know what is the reason for these things?

Did they want to arrest a terrorist? My wife and daughter were going to Dubai for a few days trip and back. Even next Monday was the time of their return flight. Dai added: I see things in my life that are very hard for me to believe.

They have passed through the passport control and boarded the plane quite legally, but they returned so many passengers from Dubai to drop off my wife and daughter. If there was a problem, why didn't they arrest them? If there is no problem, why did they return them? You should ask these questions. We do not get an answer.

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