The great invention of General Motors that mobile makers fall in love with        

Nothing spoils the look of a screen like dirt. It would be great if the screens didn't get so dirty, and thanks to the new invention of General Motors, we might say goodbye to this problem.

Khabar Online: Considering that touch screens are gradually taking the place of buttons in cars, the staining of these screens has become a problem. Of course, we can always get rid of these stains with the help of fine fiber cloths. However, General Motors (maker of Cadillac, Chevrolet and Buick) has a better solution. According to Gizmodo, General Motors has filed a new design for a self-cleaning display.

According to reports, in this technology, among the blue, red and green pixels, ultraviolet pixels are also embedded.

Like UV light, the light reflected from the pixels is not visible to the human eye, so it has no effect on the image on the screen. In addition to purple pixels, this screen also has a light-enhancing coating based on metal oxides.

If you are wondering how these two features lead to the cleaning of the screen, it should be said that this happens through chemical reactions.

When exposed to UV light, the light enhancing coating absorbs light and creates a chemical reaction with the help of moisture in the air. Natural materials left from fingerprints, oil and fat residues from food are decomposed during this reaction. After the end of this reaction, everything dries up and disappears like dust.

Although natural light can play the role of UV light, UV pixels are still needed. For example, many cars have tinted glass that blocks sunlight, and it is possible for the driver to use this feature in the dark.

But if you are impatiently waiting to use this technology on the new car of General Motors or other technologies, you have to wait for a while. General Motors has not announced whether it wants to use this technology or not. It is possible that this technology will be released in the next few years or not at all.

We hope that this technology will be released to get rid of the spots on the screen.

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