Actress Nayimeh Nezamdoost        

Actresses perform various roles in front of cameras or live audiences. They often work long hours rehearsing scenes, studying lines and performing on screen or stage. Professional actresses can be found working in dinner theaters, major theaters and repertory groups. Many travel with theater groups or help in the training of other actors for larger roles. Actresses are required to memorize scripts, research characters and rehearse performances. They may be required to confer with others, including directors or other actors, to correctly display the right emotions, gestures and facial expressions.

An actor’s job is to fully represent the character they are playing and to convince their audience that character is real by engaging them and drawing them into the story. This applies to major roles and smaller parts, as all roles combine to create a successful production. There are many ways to get into character and actors often research the jobs, hobbies, or activities of the characters they play so they are able to put themselves in that frame of mind. Physical appearance can be important in creating a character as well, and actors will often lose or gain weight, or change their hair colour to physically create the character they are playing.

An actor’s workplace will vary depending on the type of production involved. Some film and television shows, as well as most advertisements, will be filmed in studios and on sets. This can be quite exciting in itself, seeing how a location can be created by set designers and made to seem real. Other film and television shows are filmed on location and might involve a lot of travel – sometimes to distant and exotic places. Theatre productions take place on a stage and have very different considerations than filmed performances. Performances will be in front of a live audience – in theatres and in studios for some television shows. Other performances do not have an audience and the feedback from these performances is not instant.

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