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Tahereh Ghaffari with the artistic name “Arezoo” was born in 1328 She was the wife of the pre-revolutionary singer Afshin Moghadam, who died in an accident on July 1, 1976 on Haraz Road at a young age and at the beginning of his singing career. Afshin is survived by a daughter and granddaughter. We wish good health to this lovable artist & the soul of Afshin Moghadam, the old singer.

In order to identify the 50 most famous actors over 70, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed thousands of older actors. We looked at the popularity of each actor’s work in film and television, as well the popularity of each actor’s Wikipedia Page over the past two years.

The discovery of the first neurotransmitter — acetylcholine — was soon followed by the discovery of its hydrolysing enzyme, acetylcholinesterase. The role of acetylcholinesterase in terminating acetylcholine-mediated neurotransmission made it the focus of intense research for much of the past century.

But the complexity of acetylcholinesterase gene regulation and recent evidence for some of the long-suspected ‘non-classical’ actions of this enzyme have more recently driven a profound revolution in acetylcholinesterase research.

Although our understanding of the additional roles of acetylcholinesterase is incomplete, the time is ripe to summarize the evidence on a remarkable diversity of acetylcholinesterase functions.

The best living actors in their 80s are all seasoned veterans in Hollywood who were born in 1939 or earlier. These men are multiple Academy Award winners, legends on the big screen and small and among the best actors in film history. While not all have aged as well as others, in many cases, these older actors are still Hollywood greats.

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