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The best actors working today include Hollywood legends, Academy Award winners and many of the top up and coming actors in the world right now. These talented and beautiful men grace the big and small screen with brilliant performances in our favorite movies and TV shows and do it really, really well.

There’s no question that many of these top current actors, if they aren’t already, will long be remembered among the best actors of all time. For many of these best male actors, being part of Hollywood’s elite is nothing new as they’ve been starring in our favorite titles for many years.

The likes of George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Christopher Walken, among other popular actors, have been around for decades and lost little of that spark that made them favorites.

Moving into a slightly younger crowd, many of these best current actors are quickly becoming legendary as they continue to see success. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Johnny Depp are not just all hot, but among the best Hollywood has to offer today.

But there’s another generation of young actors looking for their turn in the spotlight too with up and comers like Aaron Paul, Michael Fassbender, Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill all on track to be the next big thing.

It’s quite that there would be no great movies without actors unless it’s a documentary or silent animated movie. The greatness of any movie is always decided by the quality of the actors involved. Sometimes good performances always save movies from being a total failure or average movie.

The best actors will elevate movies with good production values and a great script. The year 2019 has certainly proved to be the best year for most actors, both new and old. Whether that’s mainly through landing multiple acting roles or starring in biggest blockbusters, many actors have to nail it completely in 2020 and they’ve certainly made a great name for themselves.

Hollywood has for a long time given us hitmaker movies that sold out millions of copies across the world. This has Hollywood actors to be popular in this entertainment industry.

However, the question that most people ask is, who’s the best actor in 2020? The actors listed in this review have been ranked based on their lifetime success (nominations and awards), alongside their role transformation, acting skills, and versatility.

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