A photo published by Ehsan Alikhani of the earthquake victims        

Ehsaas Alikhani has recently traveled to Khoi and published information about the situation of the people affected by the earthquake.

Online news: Ehsan Alikhani, a TV host and movie producer, recently visited the earthquake-hit city of Khoy and provided information to the people about the situation of the people of this city. He published several stories on his Instagram and gave explanations about the situation of the people, which you will read briefly below.

Alikhani wrote: There are several reasons why these people are still living in tents in this cold weather, the main reason is related to those whose houses were destroyed, most of these houses belong to the villages around Khoi, and there is no other way but to live next to their destroyed houses in tents. They don't have any, they can't travel anywhere because they are worried about their property.
Of course, these destructions also happened to some houses in the city. Apart from the destroyed houses, many houses have cracked walls or roofs.

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